More and more, people tend to be away from the desk/office and either at home or on the road/working remotely.

Using the GS Wave app allows you to connect to your VoIP extension(s) as if you were right there.


Download/Open the app.

You may receive a few popup notifications, such as:
"GS Wave" would like to access your contacts OR "GS Wave" would like to send you notifications

Click on Settings > Account Settings.

You should then see a plus symbol (+) in the top-right corner.
Please click this.

Click on SIP Account.

Please fill in the fields with information supplied by Linix Ltd.

An example has been supplied below to assist you further.

Account Name
Joe Bloggs
SIP Server
SIP Authentication ID
Voicemail UserID
Display Name
Joe Bloggs

You should then see a tick symbol (✔) in the top-right corner.

Please click this.

If the information you have typed in is correct, the indicator should go green.

Congratulations, you are now connected to the phone service. You can now make/receive calls using wifi or 3g/4g data.

If the indicator does not go green, please contact us and one of our agents will assist you further.