Please note this guide is for adding your streaming devices (such as Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Firestick).
For any other devices, such as laptop/mobile phone/tablet we advise you to connect these to the Wi-Fi network using the details your letting office have supplied.

You can add your gaming/streaming device MAC(s) online by following the below URL

Please note that you will need to use the below details to login:
  • Student HotSpot Username
  • Student HotSpot Password

If you do not know what your username/password is, please contact your letting office, who will be able to provide this information

If you intend to connect via wifi the the wireless MAC is needed.
Try to use the wired connection for gaming (lower latency) and streaming TV. 

Need help finding your MAC Address?
We have included links on how to find your device's wired and/or wireless MAC address below:

Once you have added your MAC address(es), please restart your device for changes to take effect.
Your device should then be connected to the internet.

If you have difficulty in adding your MAC address(es), or you have added them but your devices will still not connect, please open a ticket and a member of the team will assist you further.